Meet the Team

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Fiyaz Mughal

Fiyaz Mughal OBE FCMI

Fiyaz’s working history includes over 15 years of experience in the community and voluntary sector in positions that have included social policy lobbying, project and general management, conflict resolution work and leading organizations as the Chief Operating Officer. Fiyaz has worked in a number of organizations providing training to women right through to European transnational faith related programmes and advice and information projects.

Fiyaz was previously a Councillor in Haringey (2006-2010) and a Councillor in Oxford (2002-2004). A previous Deputy President of a mainstream political party in the UK, he has also campaigned heavily on Black and Minority Ethnic (group) inclusion within political parties and discourses. He was also appointed to be on the Working Group for Communities that was linked to the Extremism Task Force developed in 2005 after the 7/7 bombings. In early 2008, Fiyaz was successful in becoming an elected member IDeA Peer Mentor for national work with local authorities on the Preventing Violent Extremism agenda.

Fiyaz was also previously appointed by the Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government (the Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP) to be a member of the Local Delivery Advisory Group on Preventing Violent Extremism. More recently, he was appointed as the Advisor to the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg MP, on interfaith and preventing radicalisation and extremism. Fiyaz was honoured in June 2009 by Her Majesty the Queen and was bestowed with the Honour of the Order of the British Empire.


Riazat Lateef Chaudhry

Riazat has had rich experiences in journalism of both print and electronic media in Pakistan. He has been involved in extensive research for various media documentaries and has travelled extensively in Pakistan on different assignments. Riazat completed his MBA and is currently working as country manager for Faith Matters Pakistan.

Riazat has successfully liaised with different educational institutions, government ministries, foreign and diplomatic missions, media and civil society members in order to promote the organization’s aims and objectives in Pakistan. He has also remarkably engaged members from both Muslim and Christian communities in Pakistan as a means of enhancing the interfaith work of the organization.


Rehman Anwer

Rehman successfully obtained an MA in Business Management in addition to an MA in Human Rights from Kingston University, London.

Rehman works as a Project Manager for Faith Matters UK and is focused on the organisation’s Pakistan chapter. He is actively engaged in managing the operations of a wide range of interfaith, countering extremism and developmental projects in Pakistan. His work had led him to travel extensively within Pakistan and he has held various interfaith dialogue and cultural events. He has successfully carried out a number of counter-extremism campaigns in Pakistan and has managed to encourage the youth in the country to participate in those campaigns in order to raise their voices against discrimination and extremism. This work has enabled him to develop strong links with prominent members of civil society; including human rights activists, journalists, Islamabad-based diplomats, politicians and Government officials.

Before joining Faith Matters, Rehman worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau on their campaign for Equality and Diversity. He carried out extensive research on this project and attended various conferences across the UK. He has also been actively involved in a number of voluntary assignments for different NGOs including Oxfam UK.